Belong to Tunnel Boring Machine

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XTR260 Boom-type Tunneling Boring Machine is made up by cutting mechanism, plate assembly, the first conveyor, body assembly .walking mechanism, supporting , console , Hydraulic system , dust and spray system , the electrical system .lubrication system .guard plate , identification and the painting. The machine has advanced configuration and good stability, safe and reliable. The machine use of automatic centralized lubrication and adjustable suspension seat to highlight the humanization design.

Electrical control system
Electrical control system can control the start and stop of every electromotor. It provides control signal and has the function of low voltage creepage protection. It also has the function of oil level and temperature detection, electromotor protection, showing the running state and failure message of electromotor.

Hydraulic system
The system adopts bypass-valve technology to increase service life of components and decrease the failure. The problem that micro pollutants can't be can't wiped off by full flow oil suction filter and back filter is solved to ensure the clearness.

Spray system
Spray system can work with draught fan to improve the efficiency of dust suppression.

Cutting mechanism
Optimal design by simulation technology is used in cutting head which shape is cone with small diameter. The pick comes from Kennan matt USA. Reasonable arrangement brings powerful tunneling ability.

Shovel Board
3 loading width are optional to adapt different tunnel condition.

Safe unit
Many function are involved such as total stop button, cutting stop button, cutting start earty warning, leakage blocking, low voltage electrical leakage protection, motor temperature overload, over current and over voltage protection, motor 3-phase unbalance and phase failure protection, over and under voltage protection, gas blocking protection, oil level and temperature protection.

Ejection loading equipment
Two kinds of ejection loading forms of compact can choice by different construction demand to improve the effiency.

Technical Parameters:

Item Unit Parameter
Weight(with the second conveyor) t 85
Dimension Length mm 11677
Width Spading Device mm 3000/3200/3600
Body mm 2700
Height Highest Pointfor Cutting Head mm 2650
Machine Body mm 2000
Undercut Max mm 225
Ground Clearance mm 260
Orientation Cutting cross section Height mm 5056
Width mm 6029
Area 30.5
Height of gantry mm 400
Max and economic cutting hardness MPa ≤110/90
Walking Speed m/min 6
Total Installed Power kW 447
Max Cutting Power kW 260/200
Power of Pump Station Motor kW 132
Supply Voltage V AC1140/660/380
Frequency of power supply Hz 50
Rotating Speed of Cutting Head r/min 54/27
Track Width mm 2700
Tension Type MPa Hrdraulic Cylinder Tension
Spray Water Pressure MPa External≥2.5