6S service concept

Market oriented, customer centered, everything is for the customer, and create value for customers. The company implements the 6S service concept in the industry: machine sales, parts supply, aftersales service, feedback, product demonstration and professional training.

Pre-sale service

Based on the understanding and experience in the construction and management, and equipment manufacturing concept, we can provide customers investment analysis and recommend the optimal equipment in terms of the situation of the engineering market, the long-term and short-term profit, and help customers gain the maximal return on investment.

Change product design and make customized products according to the customers' opinions and requirements.

Sales service

Improve the communication in product design and production, provide product training and exchange product knowledge.

Improve the communication about the operation skills; provide training on the theoretical training of construction technique, project management, instrument operation, etc. so as to help customers with each preparation work before the construction.

After-sales service

On-site installation and adjustment;

On-site training for the operator;

Regular service guide and follow-up service;

Overhaul service;

Provide free instructions twice for the fresher in the non-excavating industry (within half year)