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The machine has large power; with optimally designed compact structure, it is sturdy and durable and highly reliable.
It has high capability of cutting and breaking rocks, and low cutting vibration.
With ergonomically designed control handle, it can achieve the optimal cutting path.
It is equipped with dust removal fan system, which improves the dust removal effect.
The rear of the cutting mechanism adopts closed design, featuring good dustproof.
The pilot controlled hydraulic system features constant power and high load sensing capability.
It can make good cutting section of large area, featuring high productivity.

Technical Parameters:

Power of cutting motor 260 Kw
Power of fuel pump motor 110 Kw
Cutting hardness ≤100MPa
Cutting range Height: 4.5 m
Width: 6.1 m
Machine weight 85 t
Dimension (LXWXH) 10.85X3.2X1.82 m
Size of Max undisassembly part (LXWXH) 3.27X1.38X1.36 m
Weight of Max undisassembly part 7040 Kg
Rotary speed of cutter head 37 r/min
Rotary speed of star wheel 33 r/min
Loading capacity 4 m³/min
Speed of 1st conveyor 58 m/min
Speed of driving unit 0~6 m/min
Gradeability ±18º
Gantry height 400 mm
Required underground water-supply pressure 3-8 MPa
Fuel tank volume 600 L
Ground pressure 0.14 MPa
Dinting depth 0.2m
Ground clearance 0.25m
Supply voltage AC1140V