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Low height, low center of gravity, stable performance, and high gradeability.
Small diameter cutting head with scientifically allocated cutting teeth, high compressive strength at single shaft, and high capability of rock drilling.
The horizontal shaft and longitudinal shaft are interchangeable. 
The centralized lubrication system reduces the maintenance frequency and improves the reliability of the equipment.
Dynamic control and self-diagnosis function, real time display, and data storage. 
It adopts high configuration, and the electric system and hydraulic system all adopt products of world-famous brands.

Technical Parameters:

Power of cutting motor 200/110 Kw
Power of fuel pump motor 90 Kw
Cutting hardness ≤80MPa
Cutting range Height:4.46 m
Width:5.67 m
Machine weight 58 t
Dimension (LXWXH) 10.4X3.2X1.72m
Size of Max undisassembly part (LXWXH) 3.57X1.8X1.56 m
Weight of Max undisassembly part 8577 Kg
Rotary speed of cutter head 46/23 r/min
Rotary speed of star wheel 30 r/min
Loading capacity 4.2 m³/min
Speed of 1st conveyor 56 m/min
Speed of driving unit 0~7 m/min
Gradeability ±18º
Gantry height 400 mm
Required underground water-supply pressure 3-8 MPa
Fuel tank volume 600 L
Ground pressure 0.132 MPa
Dinting depth 0.2m
Ground clearance 0.25m
Supply voltage AC1140V