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﹒High strength of structure and great transmission torque;
﹒Cone crushing device of big diameter has twice crushing function;
﹒Good seal performance ensure longer life;
﹒Great deviation correction precision;
﹒Adopt ground centralization control to achieve remote visual control and operation;
﹒Easy to operate, high jacking speed and low ground subsidence.

Technical Parameters:

Item Unit
Handpiece Pipe-Jacking Diameter Φ1350mm
external diameter×length Φ1640×3418mm
Cutter head Rated power of motor 22kW
Motor Nos 2
Torque 151kN﹒m
Rotary speed 2.77r/min
Deviation correction device Cylinder push power(single) 500kN
Cylinder Nos. 4
Deviation correction angle 2.5°
Motor power 1.5kW
Diameter of mud pipe Φ100mm
Total power 45.5kW
Weight 10t
Major jacking pump station Motor power 22kW×2
pressure 31.5MPa
Oil tank volume 1100L
Major jacking device Cylinder push power(single) 2000kN
Cylinder Nos. 2
Pressure 31.5MPa
Stroke 1500mm
Walking speed 0~400mm/min