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﹒High strength of structure and great transmission torque;
﹒Cone crushing device of big diameter has twice crushing function;
﹒Good seal performance ensure longer life;
﹒Great deviation correction precision;
﹒Adopt ground centralization control to achieve remote visual control and operation;
﹒Easy to operate, high jacking speed and low ground subsidence.

Technical Parameters:

Item Unit
Handpiece Speed reduce device Rated power 22kW
Rated voltage AC220V
Rated output torque 15.3kN.m
Rated output rotate speed 13.7r/min
Deviation correction Deviation correction cylinder Nos. 3set
Single cylinder push power 310kN
Deviation correction cylinder stroke 22mm
Max deviation correction angle
Handpiece dimension φ815mm×2650mm
Weight 3.7t
Major jacking device Weight 2.8t
Push power 1000kN×2
Max jacking speed 162mm/min
Dimension for  transmission 2260×1585×1070mm
Working shaft mode Minimum size of starting shaft φ2540mm
Minimum size of receiving shaft φ1540mm
Major jacking pump station Power 7.5kW
Max pressure 35 MPa
Weight 600kg
Operate platform Total dimension 860mm×824mm×1185mm
Input voltage AC 220V
Working frequency 60Hz
Eletric control cabinet Total dimension 1500mm×430mm×1800mm
Input voltage AC 220V
Working frequency 60Hz