Belong to Horizontal Directional Drill

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• Strong Power: it adopts178kW diesel engine with torque increment function which ensures that the machine can perform pipe laying work at any complex geological conditions.
• Dual speed power head: drilling and pulling at low speed ensure smooth operation; The power head can slide at faster speed to reduce the auxiliary time and improve work efficiency during the assembly/disassembly of drilling stem with empty load.
• Steel track: mounted with steel track, it is applicable to muddy work conditions. 
• Float clamp: the patented float clamp can effectively extend the service life of the drill stem.
• Rotatable control panel: it widens the field of view and reduces operator fatigue, which makes it more simple and comfortable to operate the machine.
• Semi-automatic assembly/disassembly: the drill stem can be assembled/disassembled semi-automatically, which reduces work intensity and labour cost.
• Truck-mounted crane: the assembly of drill stem and other tools is much easier with the truck-mounted crane.
• Simple to operate: the rotation and push/pull of the power head is controlled separately, and it’s simple and convenient to operate. The operator can master the operation skills through short-time training.
• Convenient maintenance: the engine hood is reasonably designed, which is convenient for engine maintenance and filter element replacement.

Technical Parameters:

Items Unit Parameters
Engine Make
Dongfeng Cummins
Rated power kW/ rpm 179/2200
Push/pull force Type
2-motor rack type
Max. pull/push force kN 400/400
Power head rotary speed m/min 0~22
Slewing Type
Motor drive gear transmission
Max. torque of power head N.m 14000
Power head rotary speed r/min 0~100
Drill stem Type
Standard API drill stem
Diameter mm φ83
Length (single) m 4.5
Drill mounting Type
Box type
Adjustment angle ° 10~22
Travel drive Type
Self-propelled steel track
Travel speed km/h 2.8
Slurry pump Type
Hydraulic drive
Flow L/min 450
Dimension mm 7000x2170x2450
Weight t 12