Belong to Rotary Drilling Rig

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• It adopts special telescopic hydraulic chassis for rotary drilling rig, which features extra stability and convenience for transportation.
• It adopts imported Cummins engine which features strong power and sufficient power reservation, which meets the requirements for operation at plateau areas. And it meets Euro Ⅲ noise and emission standards.
• The large triangle luffing mechanism features extra strong stability.
• The extra-large section drill mast reduces the swing amplitude and improves work quality.
• The drill stem bracket reduces the swing amplitude of drill stem and guarantees verticality.
• The load sensing hydraulic system features higher efficiency and more energy-saving.
• It can be mounted with multiple drilling tools and achieve both dry and wet drilling operation. It is applicable to the drilling of cast-in-place pile on various foundation conditions. The drill stem adopts interlocking or friction telescopic structure, featuring big torque and high efficiency.
• The steel wire rope of main winch adopts single layer structure, which extends its service life and it’s convenient to operate. And the single layer steel wire rope makes the drilling depth measuring device on the main winch more accurate, and convenient to repair.
• It is mounted with detachable outriggers which is convenient for transportation. 
• The power head adopts imported reducer and motor of world-famous brands, featuring big torque and high work efficiency.
• The infrared camera is convenient for operators to observe the steel wire rope of main winch from inside the cab at any time.

Technical Parameters:


Engine Model
Rated power kW 298
Rotary head Max. output torque kN.m 390
Rotary speed r/min 7~18
Max. drilling diameter
mm φ2500
Max. drilling depth
m Standard configuration: 86m (5 section friction drill bar)

m Optional: 105m (6 section friction drill bar)

m Optional: 70m (4 section interlocking drill bar)
Pull-down cylinder Max. pull-down piston push kN 240
Max. pull-down piston pull kN 220
Max. pull-down piston stroke m 6
Main winch Max. pulling force kN 400
Max. pulling speed m/min 60
Auxiliary Winch Max. pulling force kN 100
Max. pulling speed m/min 65
Mast rake sideward/forward/backward ±4°/ 5° /15°
Undercarriage Max. travel speed km/h 1.2
Max. gradeability 35
Min. ground clearance mm 445
Track shoe width mm 800
Distance between tracks mm 3500~4800
Hydraulic system Working pressure Mpa 32
Overall operating weight t 117
Dimension Working condition mm 10265×4800×27520
Transportation condition mm 17615×3500×3535