Belong to Rotary Drilling Rig

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- Adopt single rope main winch, effectively solving the wear problem of the steel wire rope and improving its service life.

- Install the infrared camera, which can observe the service condition of the main winch steel wirerope in the cab day and night.

- Many configurations can be installed according to the customers’ requirements (such as: landing leg cylinder, automatic slew).

- Adopt imported Cummins electronic control turbocharging engine, meeting the Europe III emission standard. It is energy-efficient and environmental friendly, and has strong power.

- The hydraulic system adopts limiting power control and positive flow control, which improves the efficiency of the hydraulic system and saves more energy.

- The patent parallelogram variable structure realizes the large-scope working area. The mast is designed to be the box-type structure, which has high intensity and rigidity, effectively ensuring the drilling preciseness.

- It can be attached with 5 drill rods. The maximum drilling depth can reach 67.5m.

Technical Parameters:

Engine Model
Rated power kW 242
Drill unit Max. output torque kN.m 220
Rotary speed r/min 7~22
Max. drilling diameter mm Φ2000
Max. drilling depth m Standard configuration67.5(friction drag×5) optional configuration53(lock×4)
Pressurized cylinder Max.pressure kN 200
Max. hoisting power kN 200
Max. stroke m 5
Main winch Max. hoisting power kN 230
Max. hoisting speed m/min 70
Auxiliary winch Max. hoisting power kN 80
Max. hoisting speed m/min 60
Mast obliquity sidewise/forwards/backwards ±4°/5°/15°
Chassis Max. travel speed km/h 1.5
Max. gradeability % 35
Min. ground clearance mm 468
Track shoe width mm 800
Max. track width mm 3500~4400
Hydraulic system Working pressure Mpa 32
Overall operating weight t 70
Dimension Working condition mm 10260×4400×22120
Transportation condition mm 16355×3500×3510