Belong to Horizontal Directional Drill

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• Push/pull type: it adopts motor-chain structure, which improves stability.
• Rubber track: the rubber track has minor influence on the road, lawn, and scenic spot. 
• Rotatable control panel: it widens the field of view and reduces operator fatigue.
• Reasonable system match: the rotation, push/ pull of power head, and the slurry pump are driven by different hydraulic pumps, which do not interfere with each other. And the hydraulic pumps, valves and pipelines are reasonably matched, featuring small energy loss.
• High speed power head: the high speed power head ensures high work efficiency without compromising the rotary torque and the push/pull force during pipe laying operation.
• Wide Application: The engine features turbocharged torque increment function, which can increase power instantaneously when encountering tough geological conditions, which ensures drilling power.

Technical Parameters:

Items Unit Parameters
Engine Make
Dongfeng Cummins
Rated power kW/ rpm 179/2200
Push/pull force Type
2-motor rack type
Max. pull/push force kN 400/400
Power head rotary speed m/min 0~22
Slewing Type
Motor drive gear transmission
Max. torque of power head N.m 14000
Power head rotary speed r/min 0~100
Drill stem Type
Standard API drill stem
Diameter mm φ83
Length (single) m 3
Drill mounting Type
Box type
Adjustment angle ° 10~22
Travel drive Type
Self-propelled steel track
Travel speed km/h 2.8
Slurry pump Type
Hydraulic drive
Flow L/min 450
Dimension mm 7000x2170x2450
Weight t 12