Belong to Horizontal Directional Drill

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• Hydraulic system: it adopts advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuit, load sensing control and electro-hydraulic proportional control. It adopts imported elements which features reliable quality.
• Slewing system: driven by low speed and big torque motor, two speed gears, and automatic high pressure protection.
• Push/pull: gear rack type, two speed gear stepless speed regulation, high work efficiency.
• Cab: 2 people all weather cab, the control and operation are all in the cab, featuring comfortable operation.
• Engine: the large power reserve engine meets the requirements for operating power and emergency control .
• Drill mounting: the assembled high strength drill mounting can be applicable to drill stems of various lengths, and it can also slide and the angle adjustment is convenient.
• Track: the self-propelled steel track is more efficient for site transfer.
• Wire controlled travel: wire controlled travel make the site transfer more quick and convenient.
• Monitoring: the monitoring and alarm on multiple parameters of engine, hydraulic system, and filtration effectively ensures machine safety.
• Emergency operation: the manual operation system can cope with special situations and protect the operating safety.


Technical Parameters:

Rated power kW 392
Max.pullback/thrusting kN 1000/1000
Spindle torque (max) N.m 55000
Spindle speed r/min 0-80
Backreaming diameter mm 1200
Tubing length(single) m 9.6
Tubing diameter mm 127
Entry angle ° 10-18
Mud flow rate (max) L/min 1200
Mud pressure (max) bar 200
Overall weight kg 32000
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 14500×3150×3390