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﹒The engine is environmental friendly. It is great in power and can help reduce the energy consumption.
﹒It is easy and reliable to operate. It can keeps the  plane linearity at ±50mm and improve the working efficiency.
﹒The foundation pit equipment is small and light, but its thrust power is great. It can effectively reduce the labor cost and improve the efficiency.
﹒It can equip with different handpieces according to different strata to achieve its best working condition. Normal handpiece is suitable for quicksand, clay hard soil layer and so on while winged handpiece is suitable for fully weathered rock layer.

Technical Parameters:

Foundation pit parameter
Item Unit Parameter
Dimension mm 2000x1650x1240
Torque N.m 6500
Rotary Speed r/min 38
Thrust kN 1000x2
Stroke mm 650x2
Spoil disposal torque N.m 10000
Spoil disposal rotary speed r/min 23
Handpiece size mm 300, 400, 500
Forward speed mm/min 40~70
Weight kg 2300
Double power hydraulic pump station
Item Unit Parameter
Dimension mm 1200x1200x1500
Motor power kW 30
Motor power kW 18.5
Volume of oil tank L 500
Rotary pressure MPa 20
Feeding pressure MPa 25
Self-propelled power pump station
Item Unit Parameter
Dimension mm 4650X2050x2530
Rated power of engine kW/rpm 110/2300
Rotary pressure MPa 20
Feeding pressure MPa 25
Slurry flow rate L/min 150
Walking speed km/h 1.5
Track width mm 350
Climbing gradient % 30
Minimum ground clearance mm 200
Max weight of lifting t 3.2